Daniel joined Little Tennis Pro Academy in 2017 in his Grade R year at Mikro Primary.


2019 will be his third year at LTP and he is already able to serve and play a very good double backhand.


Their group will also learn to play full-court tennis from this year. Thank you, coach Ryno and Annerine for your dedication to the children and for teaching them a love of tennis.

Erika Malan - Kuils River, Western Cape, South Africa

It is a privilege for me to be able to say that my son has been part of Ryno & Annerine's tennis family for over two years.


What makes these two coaches stand out to me above others is that they really care about each individual child they coach and that they are willing to look after each other's needs.


They are always willing to help the children, guide them, and show them the right path.

They have a firm hand when working with the children, yet are very passionate about what they do.


With their purposefulness, drive, and unconditional love, they help every tennis player reach their full potential without putting them under unnecessary pressure. They made participating in tennis so enjoyable for my son that he always looks forward to his tennis lessons and that is very important to me.


Their steadfast faith and norms are such a beautiful example to me and my son has learned so much about respect for his fellow tennis player, for himself, and for his coaches. An intense love for tennis was aroused in him and it also led to the establishment of healthy emotional and physical patterns in his life.


I am very grateful that my son can be in an environment where he feels safe and that he is important and good enough, just as he is ... Thank you so much for being a part of my son's life ... this is just the beginning !!!

Elani Pretorius - Kuils River, Western Cape, South Africa

Our daughter started tennis lessons with Annerine from Little Tennis Pro Academy when she was Gr. R was and it's really amazing to see how fast she's progressed in one year.


Wilke truly developed a love for tennis, mainly because Annerine showed such a deep passion for the sport that her dedication to coaching so beautifully reflected.


The lessons are conveyed in such a 'fun and playful' way that our daughter does not want to miss any of her lessons! So blessed to be a part of Little Tennis Pro Academy.


Thank you Annerine & Ryno 

Ricky Ehlers - Kuils River, Western Cape, South Africa

“Coaching is the art of facilitating the performance, learning, and development of another” – Myles Downey


This is for me a true reflection of what Coach Ryno is doing for our daughter during her weekly tennis lesson.

It's about more than just being able to play the perfect 'butterfly serve' or 'rally', but rather about mutual respect for her mates on the track and for the sport. It's great for me to see how well she's progressed since she started her lessons at Little Tennis Pro.


She is very excited for each week's lesson and thoroughly enjoys it!

Cornel Jordaan - Kuils River, Western Cape, South Africa

Esther started playing tennis 18 months ago. We realized that if we want our child to improve her tennis game, then she will need to receive coaching in the correct way.


Coach Ryno saw that she had potential as a tennis player when she attended one of LTP's clinics. He soon became her coach and the rest is history.


She was taught from the beginning how to play tennis correctly and we could see a tremendous improvement in her tennis development compared to when she first started. She has played for the school's first team since 2018 and is currently the number one player of the under 14 girls team.


Coach Ryno has a very positive attitude towards coaching children and his love for tennis is reflected in the way he coaches his students, which motivates Ester to always be positive on the court and always try her best.


Finally, we can safely say that it is worthwhile to make an investment in your child's tennis development, by investing in extra private or semi-private lessons at Little Tennis Pro Academy - it is definitely an investment in your child.


Thank you so much, Coach Ryno! Satisfied Parents - Schonne & Adel

Adel Bruwer - Kuils River, Western Cape, South Africa

My kids received tennis coaching from Annerine & Ryno from the ages of 5 and 6 respectively.


My daughters have learned a great love for the game of tennis from this time on. Apart from teaching them to play with the right technique, which has already been proven to be very valuable at their tournaments and matches, our daughters both showed tremendous progress in their approach to the sport in general, as well as displaying good sportsmanship.


Led by their coaches, they have learned that they are never bigger than the game itself and that winning is not everything.


I am truly grateful to Ryno & Annerine for the gentle way they coach our daughters where they are taught to behave competitively yet respectfully on the tennis court.

Chantel van Zyl - Worchester, Western Cape, South Africa

My son, Joshua, started coaching at Little Tennis Pro a little over a year ago. I am more than happy with all aspects of the coaching my son is receiving.


The coaches play such an important role, they like it and are so patient with the kids. They are thorough with the transfer of the various skills as well as the rules of tennis.


My son's tennis has progressed by leaps and bounds in the last year and he has developed a true love for the game of tennis.


Ryno and Annerine are two amazing people and the kids love them!

Nicolette Barnard - Kuils River, Western Cape, South Africa

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