Private Lessons

Tri-Private Lessons


Tri-private lessons are not generally a lesson structure that we would recommend as a lesson option on its own, due to there being an uneven number of pupils in the lesson. A tri-private lesson only becomes an option when a group of 4 pupils are left with three pupils after one of them stopped doing tennis for whatever reason.


The group lesson will still continue as a group for the rest of that term until which point it will change into a tri-private lesson automatically from the start of the next term.


We will then only recommend a tri-private lesson option when we're unable to fill the vacant slot that has become available in a group of four. Even then will we still endevour to fill the vacant slot as soon as possible.

Semi-Private Lessons


Semi-private lessons work perfectly where two friends, who as in the case of tri-private lessons, have more or less the same level of play and want to help each other reach their next tennis goal.


This lesson structure is more intensive than a tri-private and works together on more advanced techniques and tactical play. Players who get along well and who want to achieve their goals in tennis together will benefit the most from this type of lesson structure.


Competing against each other and also practicing the different match situations against their coach, a semi-private makes for a very popular choice among many tennis players, especially in situations where they have been playing tennis together for a long time.

Private Lessons


There comes a time when a child wants to take his or her tennis further than ever before. At this stage in the child's tennis development, a private lesson structure is then the best option for 'one to one' attention with the coach.


This is the most popular option for kids who want to work more intensively to get their tennis skills at the highest level they possibly can. Private lessons are essential for those who want to compete at an advanced level at the school level as well as at the provincial level.


Their tennis skill is now being shaped more than ever before by competing against other players in different match situations and at various levels.

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