Group Lessons


Our group lessons start with a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 children per group lesson. Each lesson is 45 minutes long for a total of 8 lessons per term. This lesson structure will be suitable for Beginners to Advanced tennis players, from Grade R to Grade 7.


The focus of our group lessons is to expose younger children, from as young as four / five years to tennis in a very safe environment where they can learn other friends together to play tennis in a 'fun' and energetic way.


Our goal is to teach them a love of the sport as they systematically develop into full-fledged tennis players. Although a group lesson structure is more popular for children between the ages of four and nine, we believe that even older and more advanced tennis players will also be able to benefit from group lessons, as they will be able to compete against other players who are more or less of the same level as they are.


Please note that groups that consisted of a minimum of 4 players per group, that loses one or more of their group members during the course of the year, will no longer fall under a group lesson structure.


If the vacant slots in the group cannot be replaced in time for the subsequent terms, the lesson structure will then have to be changed to a private lesson structure, depending on how many members are left in the existing lesson structure.


A fair discount will be offered for the remainder of the year, due to the sudden change in the lesson structure. Also bear in mind that the members that remain in the existing lesson structure, will greatly benefit from the private lesson structure they now find themselves in.

Squad Lessons


Our squad lessons start with a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 16 children per squad lesson. Each lesson is 1 hour (60 minutes) long for a total of 8 lessons per term.


This lesson structure will be suitable for Intermediate to Advanced tennis players, from Grade 4 to Grade 7 who, outside of their group or private lessons, would like to belong to a squad where they can play points against other children of more or less the same level of play.


The focus of our squad lessons is not to replace any group or private coaching, as no technical development is worked on during squad drills. The goal of a squad lesson is to focus mainly on tactical play and the different game situations that this type of player can expect in matches and tournaments.


Therefore, no technical assistance will be provided as it will defeat the purpose of the squad lesson. Squad lessons will therefore never be able to replace the technical skills they get to learn in group lessons and private lessons. Each player still has to do an extra group or private lesson per week to take care of their technical development.

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