Mikro Primary School

It has been an absolute joy and privilege to be part of Mikro Primary School since our arrival in the beautiful Western Cape over 7 years ago!


2024 marks our eighth year in partnership with Mikro Primary School and to the glory of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, we've been growing from strength to strength. We are, therefore, very thankful to our Heavenly Father for allowing us to continue our relationship with the school, its parents, and the children we coach weekly!


We offer various private and group lessons for pupils who attend Mikro Primary School from grade R to grade 7. Our tennis lessons are offered throughout the year.


Please click on our Coaching link in the main TAB to find out more about the various lesson options currently available.


As the head coach for Mikro Primary School, I have been given the responsibility to coach the school's various boys and girls league teams, as well as develop the basic tennis skills of those between grades 4 and 7 who wish to try tennis out as a sport.


For the grades R, 1, 2 & 3 pupils,  mini-tennis lessons are being provided by the teachers of the school and myself, to help develop the basic ball skills of those who participate in these lessons weekly.


The grade 3 pupils can also look forward to competing in their very own Mini-Tennis Championships, which are held at the beginning of the 4th term each year.


Last year there were twenty-eight grade 3 boys and girls that competed in Mikro Primary's first-ever Mini-Tennis Championships. What a fun-filled day that was!


The various lesson options offered by the school from grades 1 to 7 during the 1st & 4th term will be available on the School Communicator & the Extramural Roster at the beginning of each term.

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